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Should I use a Mineral Cartridge in My Spa?


(The answer is yes.)

When taking care of a hot tub, it can get overwhelming, especially to new spa owners. With so many accessories and different types of sanitizing systems, how to you choose the best way to maintain your spa without overloading it with harsh chemicals? Mineral sanitizing systems and cartridges have been around for a long time, but are now becoming increasingly popular with the rising prices of chemicals. Mineral cartridges cannot be used as a sanitizer alone, but do an outstanding job of killing bacteria so you don’t have to use as much chlorine or bromine. So what are they exactly?


Mineral cartridges come in many forms. They can come in a sanitizing system like Frog’s @ease floating sanitizer, or they can come in the form of sticks that sit inside the filter, and some that are shaped to sit on top of your filter cartridge, to name a few. They can range from $30-$100, depending on the style and generally last 4 months. In most cases, when you are ready to drain and refill, it’s also time to replace the mineral cartridge. All mineral cartridges consist of different ingredients and blends.

Did you know the Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire used silver to treat their water?

They typically will contain metallic silver, and/or copper, zinc, and charcoal. With the antibacterial properties of silver and algaecidal properties of copper, you can expect crystal clear water with less chlorine/bromine consumption. There isn’t too much to say about using minerals in your spa. It’s easy. It makes the water feel great. It keeps sanitizer consumption low. It kicks waterline build up to the curb. What else can I say? Try minerals in your spa at your next drain and refill. You will wonder how you’ve never used them before.



Written by Advanced Spa And Pool