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Why Your Spa Needs SpaGuard Trio

Hot tubs and spas should always be a source of relaxation and a way to relieve stress. If you ever feel that your spa may be too much maintenance, there are ways to make your hot tub much easier to take care of.

Lets talk about SpaGuard TRIO.



Trio takes all of the measuring and chemistry away from maintaining your spa. TRIO was made for spas that hold 275-500 gallons of water, with pre-measured packets that eliminate any and all guesswork and let you know exactly when to add them. Three products, three months of stress-free enjoyment.


A proprietary blend of softening agents creates an elevated and softer soaking experience. The average user spends 15-30 minutes in the spa per soak. Make that time even more enjoyable by soaking in water that silky smooth. The Soft Soak TRIO system creates a base level at fresh fill and then boosts the softness every week.


It removes major contaminants that make water cloudy so all you’ll see is your toes.​ The weekly portion of the Soft Soak TRIO system removes the unseen, common contaminants that accumulate during hot tub use so your water stays sparkling clear and odor-free. The last step ensures equipment also remains clean so TRIO can help prevent conditions that might diminish your enjoyment of the spa.


Sanitizing is another big part of spa care and Soft Soak has solutions for you. You can complement the Soft Soak TRIO system with Chlorine or Bromine. TRIO is compatible with most systems, including chlorine, bromine, salt, mineral, ozone and UV.

You will still need to add chlorine and balance the spa as needed, but TRIO helps keep the chlorine consumption down and oxidizes so that you won’t need quite as much of your routine chemicals. For even easier maintenance, try Frog’s @ease spa sanitizing system with TRIO.


Written by Advanced Spa And Pool