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What is an Ozonator, and what does it do?

Ozonators are electromechanical devices that generate and dissolve ozone gas into swimming pool or spa water. Ozone (O3) is an odorless gas with three oxygen atoms per molecule. When dissolved in water, it is a powerful oxidizer and supplemental sanitizer.

Once the ozone is dissolved, it oxidizes organic contaminants, kills microorganisms, and breaks down existing chloramines. This happens immediately at the ozone gas injection point and continues in the return lines. Only a small residual of dissolved ozone actually enters the pool or spa. Because they do not leave a large residual in the water, all ozonators should be used in conjunction with a sanitizer.

Nordic CLEAN™ is an electronic advanced plasma gap ozonator. It converts oxygen to ozone, is more energy-efficient than UV ozone generators and is lower in overall power consumption, heat generation and operating cost. It is available on all Nordic Hot Tub models.

Add Nordic Clean to your hot tub to reduce chemical consumption, maintain crystal clear and safe water for your family.




Written by Advanced Spa And Pool