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How To Troubleshoot Your Dolphin

The Dolphin Robotic Cleaners are among the best in the industry. However, things can go wrong causing your dolphin to stop running suddenly. If you find that your Dolphin isn’t operating correctly, here are some tips to troubleshoot at home.

  1. Check the filter basket/bag. If the filter is full, the cleaner will stop running. Some models have a power supply with a full filter indicator light. Empty if needed then try running it again.
  2. If the power supply does not turn on, make sure that the GFI outlet has power by plugging in another device. If it has power, disconnect the blue cable from the power supply and try to turn it on again. If the power supply turns on without the blue cable connected, there may be a problem with the blue cable or the robot itself. Bring the robot into Advanced Spa And Pool for more diagnosing.
  3. UNPLUG the robot and check the impeller. In most units, the impeller is located on the top of the cleaner and can be accessed by removing one screw. If the impeller is clogged, it will stop the robot from running.
  4. If the power supply turns on but the cleaner doesn’t move, check the tracks and brushes to make sure there are no obstructions.
  5. If the cleaner is getting stuck or not climbing the walls, make sure that the Rapid Drain Flap is not missing or stuck – these create a seal, allowing the Dolphin to climb (The flap is a black rubber part located behind the rear roller brush and is visible by turning the unit upside down). If your model has white Climbing Rings on its brushes, allow time for the climbing rings to absorb water (5 -10minutes). They will become soft and pliable, allowing them to grip walls.
  6. Inspect the robot inside and out, including the cable for any broken or missing parts.

For more troubleshooting tips from Maytronics, CLICK HERE

Dolphin Robotic Cleaners come with industry-leading warranties and Advanced Spa And Pool is a Maytronics Warranty Service Center. Bring your Dolphin in for troubleshooting and repair.


Written by Advanced Spa And Pool