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Introducing: AirX Therapy

When choosing a new Spa or Hot Tub for your home, there are many options to choose from. You can add surround sound Bluetooth stereo, alternative sanitizing systems, beautiful LED lighting, and many more accessories. These are all nice to have, but ultimately not why you’re buying a Spa. You’re buying a Spa for therapy and relaxation. AirX Therapy Jets are an inexpensive, but priceless addition to your Spa to add even more to your hydrotherapy and soaking experience.


Introducing a completely new soft tissue hot tub therapy experience. 

Air X® infuses the soft feel of air and water with kinetic power derived from jet engine technology. Spa jets can offer power and precision, but Air X is something completely different. Utilizing Airnetics® engineering, Air X multiplies the air output resulting in a jet stream that is soft and powerful. 



Each element of Air X® has been carefully thought through to provide something more than a traditional spa “jet.” Air completely overwhelms the water creating a soft experience. You won’t believe how much air comes through Air X. Inspired by jet engine technology, the Air X body creates a mix of 80% air to 20% water. This feels nothing like what you expect from a traditional spa jet and creates an unmatched soft tissue therapy experience. By combining two flow patterns with stimulating reflexology, sore muscles and tired joints are soothed and rejuvenated.



Precision Soft Tissue Massage

Essential therapy for sensitive areas. Perfect for neck and shoulders, wrists, feet, ankles, and paraspinal.


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Make sure to ask us about adding AirX Therapy to your spa!



Written by Advanced Spa And Pool