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Happy Spring!

The time has finally come… the first day of spring! Although it still feels a bit winter-ish outside, it’s time to start thinking and making plans for your pool!

We are extending our annual Season Supply Sale this year until April 15th for 10% off of your entire season supply of maintenance chemicals and free local delivery to your home. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for huge savings!



While we are talking about saving…

If there is anything equally or more important than saving money, it is saving time. There are many ways for you to save time maintaining your pool, and one of the best ways is with a robotic pool cleaner. With multiple options to choose from to fit any size and type of pool, Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners by Maytronics are a worthy investment in making your swimming season more focused on relaxing, and less focused on cleaning. Let’s take a look at our most popular cleaners.


For In-Ground Pools

The highly popular M600 was engineered with groundbreaking technologies and customizable features. With the MyDolphin™ Plus app, the M600 allows you to make your pool perfect from anywhere, anytime.

The M600 was built with powerful features such as:

  • A convenient weekly scheduler
  • Easy access, large capacity, dual filtration top load filter
  • Plug’n’Play operation
  • MyDolphin Plus app with WiFi capability to control your Dolphin from anywhere in the world
  • Powerful active scrubbing of the floor, walls and waterline for an unmatched clean
  • Pick-Up Mode with quick water release for easy removal
  • Comes with a caddy
  • Impressive 3-year warranty with in-house service by Advanced Spa And Pool


For Above Ground Pools

The Dolphin S100 is the super-efficient solution to a clean pool. This compact yet powerful cleaning machine scrubs the floor and walls, and filters out fine and ultra-fine debris leaving your pool sparkling clean.

Don’t be fooled by it’s small size. The S100 was made with impressive features such as:

  • Lightweight design for easy lifting and handling
  • Easy access topload filter
  • Super Scrubbing of pool surfaces
  • Wall climbing
  • Plug’n’Play operation
  • Saves you energy and money by reducing water, chemical, and energy usage with every pool cleaning

We have plenty of cleaners in stock and now is the best time to start picking out what you need for the upcoming season. Don’t forget- Our Preferred Membership 10% discount applies to in-stock merchandise, INCLUDING the Dolphin cleaners!



Written by Advanced Spa And Pool