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Which Sanitizer Should I Use In My Spa?

There are various ways to care for your spa depending upon sanitizer preferences and frequency of use. Other factors such as spa size, location, and ease of application will drive your treatment decision. Below are the three sanitizers SpaGuard offers to keep the water clean, clear, and comfortable.


Bromine – A non-chlorine option that works well for indoor applications

Brominating products are the preferred sanitizer for most spas. Since spas are usually covered or indoor, the bromine is not exposed to UV rays so the lack of a stabilizer is not a problem. Moreover, bromination has some distinct advantages:

  • Bromine Immediately Kills Bacteria and Algae – It’s very effective at killing all types of algae
  • Bromine Keeps On Killing – When combined with nitrogenous material, the bromamines continue to actively kill bacteria
  • Bromine Can Be Reactivated – Oxidizing not only destroys built-up undesirable compounds, it gives new life to ineffective bromides
  • Bromine Works in a Wider Range of pH – This is especially important in a spa environment where pH has a tendency to bounce around


Chlorine – Traditional water care for most applications

Historically, chlorine has been used the longest in the spa industry and it tends to be popular due to its ease of use and lower cost. It is an effective means for sanitizing spa water and killing bacteria. Granular chlorine can be applied directly to spa water to protect bathers against contaminants. Chlorine can be stabilized against UV degradation, so it is often the ideal choice for outdoor spas that are exposed to sunlight.

  • Granular chlorine has a more neutral pH – With a pH closer to neutral your water is more likely to stay in balance which allows for less chemical applications.
  • Chlorine can also be used as an oxidizer – Chlorine is excellent at oxidizing compounds in spas, which tend to accumulate in these small bodies of water with higher bather loads
  • Chlorine is more compatible with certain ionizing cartridge systems – Some manufacturers endorse the use of chlorine with their systems for maximum effectiveness


Soft Soak® – Non-chlorine, non-bromine alternative program

A way to keep spa water clean without chlorine or bromine

Soft Soak® by SpaGuard® is a non-halogen spa system that is soft, gentle, and easy to use. Because this system does not contain chlorine or bromine, spa owners will not experience any chlorine odors, which produces a great spa environment. Soft Soak products are easy to apply and feel soft to bathers in the spa.

Biguanide doesn’t degrade with sunlight, temperature, or affect pH like traditional chlorine sanitizers can. It is effective over a wide pH range and is designed to be used with the Soft Soak Spa Shock. The polymeric action of this compound naturally attracts contaminants, serving as an excellent aid to the spa filtration system.


If you are already using a sanitizer and would like to convert your spa to use a different one that will suit your needs better, stop in for a free water analysis and we will walk you through changing sanitizers.


Written by Advanced Spa And Pool