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What Type Of Pool Cleaner Should I Get?

There are a few different types of pool cleaners to choose from, and it can definitely be overwhelming picking the right one for you. We are here to make the process easier for you to find the perfect fit for your pool and lifestyle.


Suction Side Cleaners


Suction Side pool cleaners attach to and are powered by a dedicated suction line or the skimmer of your pool. These are a great accessory to have alongside your routine maintenance, especially for first-time pool owners.


  • Easy to install. Ideal for small debris, like sand and silt.
  • Less moving parts
  • Lower cost


  • Moves randomly around the pool floor to pick up debris and may miss spots at times
  • Relies on the power of the pump and a clean filter to run
  • Extra wear and tear on pump and filter


Pressure Side Cleaners


Pressure Side cleaners use an existing pressure side water flow to propel the cleaner and clean the pool. Unlike Suction Side Cleaner, Pressure Side Cleaners do not rely on the pool’s pump and filtration system to filter the debris. They have their own filter bag to catch the debris. Most Pressure Side Cleaners require a dedicated booster pump to run.



  • Super filter-friendly. Ideal for large debris, like leaves and acorns.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Does not rely on pool filtration system to filter dirt and debris; not causing additional wear and tear
  • Better at picking up heavier debris like large leaves and acorns


  • Most Pressure Side Cleaners require an additional pump which will need to be replaced in the future
  • Higher operating cost
  • Filter bag is not the easiest to clean and can be costly to replace


Robotic Cleaners


Robotic Pool Cleaners do not rely on your existing pool pump or filter system and do not need an additional pump. You do need to have an outlet near the pool to plug it into. (Never use an extension cord to power your robotic cleaner.) Robotic pool cleaners reduce wear and tear on your pump and filter and lower electrical costs. They also help circulate the water when the pump is not running. Most Robotic Cleaners have easily accessible filter canisters or baskets that catch large debris loads. Some have the ability to map out your pool floor to clean the entire pool. Although they are generally higher in cost upfront, they are the easiest and most energy-efficient option.

Just plug ‘em in, drop ‘em down, and get to splashin’.


  • Plug and Play, they do not hook up to a suction line or require any additional equipment to run
  • Lessen debris and dirt load on the pool pump and filter
  • Some can be programmed and operated manually through an app and are Bluetooth/WiFi compatible
  • Self-contained high capacity filtration
  • Cleans and scrubs the pool floor, wall, and waterline
  • Assists in filtering and circulating the pool water when the pump is off


  • Will not clean pool steps
  • Higher upfront cost



Written by Advanced Spa And Pool