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SPA OF THE WEEK – Nordic Crown XL


Reigning as top-of-the-line design for Nordic’s Classic Series Round hot tubs, the Crown XL™ will delight you with its power and graceful design. Easily enter this tub using the generous step-in/cool-down seat and settle in to all encompassing, soothing hydrotherapy. Engage the double Nordic Star™ whirlpool jets for a magnificent, whole-body, hot water experience for total relaxation. Treat yourself like royalty in Nordic’s Crown XL™!


Seating: 6 person
Diameter: 84″
Depth: 38.5″
Weight: (Dry) 400 lbs
Operating Capacity: 330 gal

Nordic Hot Tubs Are Built To Give You Maximum Physical, Psychological, And Overall Health Benefits.

Hot tubs are only as good as the jets they’re equipped with. We’re confident that Nordic Star™ Jets will provide you with optimal jet therapy, that will have you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and restored. Let’s dive in and get into the details of the Nordic Star Jets!

Nordic Star™ Jets

Each Nordic Hot Tub is equipped with Nordic Star™ Stainless Steel jets. Nordic Star™ Jets are fully adjustable for direction and water volume control to provide precise jet therapy.

Nordic uses a combination of 1, 3, and 5-inch jets with specific placements for your back, legs, feet, neck, palms, wrists, and hips as well as multiple style jets for different therapies such as pinpoint, directional, pulsating, and dual-rotational massage.

Dual System Therapy

Nordic Hot Tubs is the only manufacturer that features Dual Therapy Systems, also known as DTS, in every tub we build! DTS is a mix of Direct Pressure Massage Jets and High Volume Whirlpool Therapy. Whirlpool Therapy is a gentler, whole-body therapeutic experience. High-volume whirling water over muscle regions increases blood circulation and loosens tense tightened muscles, encouraging relaxation.

The combination of targeted pressure jets and a true whirlpool therapy provides the ultimate therapeutic experience.

We have Nordic Hot Tubs available to be reserved (on order) that will be coming in this fall. They are going fast, so call us A.S.A.P. for a quote for your new Hot Tub!


Written by Advanced Spa And Pool