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Our Favorite EGGcessories

Whether you are a new Big Green Egg owner or a veteran Egg Head, there are some EGGcessories that you should know about to take your grilling up a notch. These are our top picks.


Big Green Egg Covers

Keep your EGG looking like new with these attractive heavy-duty, ventilated, and weatherproof covers, designed to work perfectly for years to come! Premium-quality fabric resists fading and offers increased durability even in extreme temperatures. No matter the size or combination you have, including Big Green Egg tables and Nests, Big Green Egg has you covered!



The Big Green Egg is designed to work as a complete outdoor cooking system, producing unrivaled results whether grilling, roasting, smoking, or baking – and nothing contributes more to the versatility of your EGG than adding a convEGGtor.

The convEGGtor is designed to facilitate indirect cooking on the Big Green Egg by providing a heat-directing barrier between the food and the fire, instantly transforming your EGG into an outdoor convection oven. The design of the convEGGtor, in conjunction with the thermal properties of the EGG, allows heat to efficiently radiate within the dome while preventing the flames and heat from over-cooking the food.

If you plan on baking, roasting, low and slow BBQ, or even baking pizzas, you NEED the ConvEGGtor!

Composite Egg Mates

EGG Mates® are a simple and convenient addition to Big Green Eggs, providing a working and serving area right where you need it. The Big Green Egg Composite EGG Mates feature a non-slip textured surface, wide side profile, subtle wood-grain detailing, and an attractive Big Green Egg logo. Providing an unmatched working and serving area for an EGG in a Nest, the Composite Mates are engineered to offer significant improvements over wood or ‘plastic’ materials. Since we live in New England and can experience harsh weather changes, the Composite Mates are the best no-maintenance sidekick for your Egg.

As attractive as they are functional, these Mates are suitable for any outdoor conditions and are highly resistant to:

  • UV and sunlight fading
  • Weathering or wood rot
  • Scratching, flaking, or splintering
  • Discoloring or mold
  • Resistant to burning or melting

Modular Nest System

One of the best things about many of Big Green Egg’s add-on accessories is the endless combinations of ways you can use them. The versatility is

unmatched. This is also true for the Modular Nest System. With the Modular Nest System, build your outdoor kitchen one step at a time! Start with an EGG Frame, then add to your custom EGG setup with Expansion Modules and a variety of beautiful and functional inserts. You won’t believe all of the possibilities!

rEGGulator Vent Cap


The Big Green Egg rEGGulator Vent Cap provides precise temperature control. It far surpasses other airflow controllers for accuracy and ease of use. The new patent-pending rEGGulator features an insulated adjustment tab for comfortable use. Works with the optional cast iron Rain Cap for all-weather cooking.

  • Precise temperature control at your fingertips
  • Made of durable cast iron with a proprietary super pre-seasoned finish for greater weather resistance
  • Silicone adjustment tab is cool to the touch throughout cook
  • Completely shuts off EGG when fully closed
  • Designed for permanent placement on the EGG dome; does not need to be removed after cooking
  • Designed for all-weather use; keeps rain out when not in use –eliminating the need for a ceramic damper top
  • Fully open vent allows 50% greater airflow than the traditional Dual Function Metal Top
  • Mating surface is designed to minimize ‘sticking’ when cold
  • Designed to work with the optional Rain Cap

EGGspander 5 Piece Kit


The EGGspander is arguably the most important EGGcessory to have for you Large or XL Big Green Egg. Having the EGGspander provides you with limitless potential for different cooking styles, techniques, and multi-level setups. For the ultimate versatility, you need the EGGspander!

Unleash your culinary creativity with the ultimate expansion system for the Big Green Egg! The Big Green Egg EGGspander System facilitates an extensive variety of cooking setups to easily utilize the full versatility of the EGG.

5 Piece EGGspander Kit includes:

  • convEGGtor basket
  • Multi-level direct and indirect
  • Multi-tier cooking racks
  • Two stainless half grids
  • Direct “Cowboy Style” lower rack

Easily configure the convEGGtor basket for:

  • Easy placement or removal of convEGGtor
  • Multi-level direct and indirect
  • Raised grid cooking
  • Starter component for the EGGspander System; works with the 2 Piece Multi-Level Rack

Easily configure the 2 Piece Multi-Level Rack for:

  • Elevated sliding cooking grid with 6.5 in (16 cm) clearance for easy access
  • Reverses for low-level “Cowboy Style” grilling
  • Designed to connect to existing cooking grid
  • Starter component for the EGGspander System; works with the 1 Piece convEGGtor basket

Click here for more ways to use the EGGspander


Written by Advanced Spa And Pool