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It’s Play In The Sand Day!

I think it’s probably true for all of us; we just don’t get out in the sun enough anymore. We’ve been busy with work, beaches and parks were limiting entry (or closed), or the weather hasn’t been great. There’s always a reason or excuse for why we inevitably decide to just stay in. There’s something so comforting and grounding about wiggling your toes in warm beach sand, but did you know that going to the beach can actually improve your well-being? Here’s what Web MD says about beach days.

It’s a change of scenery. Some studies show that your senses experiencing the same thing over and over again can cause stress. When you change your setting and go to the beach, your senses are engaged in new sights, smells, tastes, and sounds. This can improve your mental state and increase feelings of relaxation.
It improves overall well-being. Getting exposure to the sun and ocean air is great for your mental health. “Surf therapy” is shown to boost your overall mood. Getting in the water and moving around increases mindfulness and allows you to get some physical activity.It lowers stress. Being in nature, a place you feel safe, can lower your blood pressure and stress hormone levels. Likewise, spending time at the beach can lessen anxiety and nervous system arousal, which is what makes you feel stressed and anxious.

It lifts your mood. Time on the beach increases your self-esteem and promotes relaxation. People with attention deficit disorder can feel calmer at the beach. Walking along the shoreline can make you feel less isolated and happier. The beach can have lasting benefits for people who have anxiety, depression, elevated stress, and other mental health conditions. Spending just 20 minutes walking along the beach can boost your mood.

When you’re overwhelmed and in need of a vacation, you might want to put the beach at the top of your list. The best beach activities for stress include getting in the water and spending time outside.

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Written by Advanced Spa And Pool