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Get Her A Spa For Mother’s Day!

There’s no denying that mothers have gone way above and beyond their normal duties this past year. They’ve stepped up their sanitizing game, cleaned relentlessly, cared for their sick loved ones, and became full-time teacher’s assistants. While it may not be the best or easiest option to send her to a day spa right now, there is another (and even better) option. Gift her with the ULTIMATE form of relaxation and reward for all of her hard work, by buying her very own spa.

Hot tubs are the best source of relaxation, unplugged family time, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and a cure to the aches and pains that come from a full day of cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

Hydrotherapy – the use of water for medicinal benefits – is one of the easiest health and wellness solutions to practice.

Hydrotherapy helps soothe and relax the body by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow. Sending this blood to the skin and muscles causes a reduction and ease in stiffness throughout the body.

Even better, a combination of hydrotherapy with high-powered jets has been shown to increase organ function and circulation. Coupling the hot water experience with our unique high-power jets allows you to create an individualized wellness practice to help soothe your mind and body.

Hot tubs and spas are in high demand and short supply right now, but we do have some coming in soon. With different sizes and options to choose from, we can find you a spa to fit your needs and budget. They are going FAST, so don’t wait. Call us ASAP to reserve a spa for the dearly loved mother in your life.

*Due to Covid-19 related ongoing manufacturing and production delays, we cannot guarantee that the spa will be delivered by Mother’s Day, but we will do our best and keep you in the loop with every update we get from our manufacturers.


Written by Advanced Spa And Pool